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Biodiversity: a practical and pretty way to help endangered pollinators

A fantastic new product for anyone ranging from aspiring gardeners to biodiversity enthusiasts is now available on the Swiss market! Seedball produces wildflower seed balls in pretty tins to make growing from seed easy, and help our bee friends!

Using seed balls in agriculture is a form of ‘permaculture’ and has been used both in modern and ancient times. Ana and Emily from Project Maya applied this technique to sowing wildflower seeds and created SEEDBALL. These smart and sassy environmental scientists were so concerned with the loss of 97% of wildflower meadows in the UK since the 1950s. According to Pro Natura, in Switzerland, this loss is very similar at around 90% loss over the same period!

Pronatura say that "diversified wildflower meadows are important for the protection of nature".  The average consumer may not know that the pollination of crops directly affects their food plate, but the plight of bees and other pollinating insects is something that many members of the public are aware of and may want to get stuck in and do something about it, whether they live in an urban area or the countryside.

Seed balls make sowing a wildflower meadow in your garden or even on your balcony super easy! Each ball contains clay, compost, and chilli pepper with 30 to 100 seeds per ball. Each of these ingredients help protect the seeds and seedlings from birds, ants and slugs, and of course compost gives them the nutrients they need to start and root, so do not plant them, but scatter them on soil.

The wildflower mixes are designed to produce blossoms throughout pollinators’ flight period, that is from early spring to late summer, providing exactly what our little friends need: diversity and availability. Seedball Switzerland offers a range of blends: Butterfly Mix, Bee Mix, Sky Meadow, Urban Meadow, and Poppies, with labelling both in english and in french.

The Seedball products are also a really nice gift with 20 balls in each shiny tin, with pretty labels including pictures of what flowers the sower can expect. Seedball won 'Gift of the Year 2017' award in the UK, among others, and are stocked at Kew Gardens and Natural History Museum gift shops. Here in Switzerland they are currently available in Nature & Découverte, and gift shops in Romandie, and online from - For more information or to order, contact Harriet Kibbe at or call 0797662488.