Hello, we're Seedball!

We want to fill the world with wildflowers and save bees and butterflies! And, we’re starting with your garden.
In 2010, our Seedball founders Ana and Emily were Conservation Scientists at Aberdeen University, researching how to save the world. Then, they spotted an advert for a training course to help environmental scientists become entrepreneurs. The spark had been lit!
So, by 2012 armed with homemade packaging and our first seed ball prototypes, we began selling at fairs and festivals. By the end of the year, Seedball had a large social media following, we were stocked in our first shop and we made enough money to employ a design team to give our Seedball brand a makeover, so that in 2013 Seedball was launched officially. Conservation is in our heart and soul. In the past we have helped fund the awesome River of Flowers, and we are inter-twined with the fabulous Project Maya who with the help of Seedball funding are starting urban nature reserves across the globe. Yay!
Over the past 60 years Switzerland has lost over 90% of its wildflower meadows, despite the attachment to agriculture and respect for nature. We are seeing the impact now with the massive decline in bee colonies and other pollinators. The impact this is having on agriculture cannot be underestimated and the government or farming industry cannot be replied to fix it alone :) It is up to each of us to make a difference and welcome bees and butterflies, all pollinators, into our gardens, and seedballs are an easy and fun way to do it!
1st step - find some soil, a sunny spot in your garden that you will make sure doesn't get mowed; or some pots for your balcony, or window boxes.
2nd step - place the seedballs on soil or compost (not on grass!)
3rd step - if you are not in a hurry, let the rainfall water the seedballs, or if you have pots indoors or that won't receive rain then water them. Germination should begin within 4 weeks, although the mixes contain earlier germinating blossoms and later germinating one, and some that will only flower the following year, such as foxglove.
4th step - let the seedlings germinate and separate naturally, and enjoy the blossoms!

Hallo, wir sind Seedball!

Wir möchten die Welt mit Wildblumen füllen und so Bienen und Schmetterlinge retten! Und beginnen werden wir in Ihrem Garten.

2010 waren die Seedball-Gründerinnen Ana und Emily als Wissenschaftler an der Aberdeen Universität für den Naturschutz tätig, wo sie untersuchten, wie die Welt zu retten ist. Dann wurden sie auf die Anzeige eines Lehrgangs aufmerksam, der Umweltwissenschaftlern dabei helfen sollte Unternehmer zu werden. Die Idee war geboren!

Und so begannen wir 2012, ausgerüstet mit selbstgemachtem Verpackungsmaterial und den ersten Samenkugelprototypen, unsere Ware auf Messen und Festivals zu verkaufen. Bis Ende des Jahres war Seedball in den sozialen Medien weit verbreitet, wir führten unseren ersten Laden und nahmen genug Geld ein, um ein Design-Team anzustellen, das unserer Seedball-Marke eine Rundumerneuerung verlieh. So konnte Seedball 2013 offiziell eingeführt werden. Naturschutz ist unser Ein und Alles. In der Vergangenheit haben wir dazu beigetragen, den wunderbaren River of Flowers zu finanzieren und wir arbeiten mit dem sagenhaften Project Maya zusammen, das durch die Unterstützung von Seedball weltweit Naturschutzgebiete in Städten errichten kann. Jippie!