Time to sow!

With the rain that we have been getting on and off and still mild temperatures, this really is the best time to scatter your wildflower seeds or seeballs!!

Find a spot to put a pot on your balcony, window sill, or in your garden where you could have a patch of poppies, or cornflowers and get sowing!

Obviously the birds are migrating and they will be looking for food on the way, these wildflower seeds are perfect for them, so if you have Seedballs instead you are more likely to have pretty results come spring 2020! If you have seen some of the images from the catwalks for the Spring 2020 collections, they are so inspired by spring blossoms, it makes me want to skip through to spring, but winter must take place and lots of important things happen in nature during this time, and of course, there are many enjoyable facets of winter for us too :) 

Who would not be fascinated by the colours of spring flowers, and even more so when you see fields and fields of cornflowers and wildflowers... Let's be inspired to look ahead to 2020 and not get stuck in autumn/winter. 

I look forward to seeing a lot of new wildflowers and lovely pollinating insects in my garden next spring, as well as the odd hedgehog and bat ;) 

Carolina Herrera Spring 2020 ready to wear collection

Carolina Herrera Spring 2020 Ready to wear collection



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