Jardins en Fête Recap

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Hello to all and thank you for visiting our page!

We are freshly returned from the Jardins en fête garden show in Coppet, where we launched the Seedball product in Switzerland, yeay!!

Switzerland has lost 90% of its wildflower meadows over the past 60 years due to urbanisation, pollution, the expansion of agriculture into larger scale farming and this is having a huge impact on wildlife and notably our pollinating friends (who we need!!).

I was very excited to hold a raffle in which many participated, and I have a WINNER who will be receiving a set of three seedball tins this week!! 

Hopefully we will all be seeding our wildflowers and will be able to share pictures of their progress over the coming weeks. I will be sharing pictures of my Butterfly and Herb mixes on this blog!

Please send me your pictures, would love to see how we are repopulating together the world with wildflowers!

Take care and have a great day!

Harriet from Seedball

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